2002 Mazda b3000



June, 24, 2008 AT 9:11 PM

Engine Performance problem
2002 Mazda b3000 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 78000 miles

My truck runs fine. No error codes.

The emissions station reads " Not Ready" in emission areas. Their solution was to run the truck 50 to 100 miles and come back because possibly there had been low voltage to the computer. After doing this, same problem.

Since there are no error codes, Tunex says they can't diagnose.

Battery seems very strong and has not been removed in 6 months.

Any suggestions on possible causes/solutions? Engine had run for about 30 miles before taking it in the 2nd time.


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June, 24, 2008 AT 10:24 PM

Go to autozone they will do it for free and tell them you have an intermittant engine light, it goes on and off, tell them to scan it to see if it stored any codes and bring them to me



June, 25, 2008 AT 6:45 PM

I took your advice and went to AutoZone. They ran a scan and found no errors, no codes, not current or in history.

Truck continues to run fine, just as it has all year. There is no indication of a problem, no " Check Engine" light; I don't get an intermittent check engine light eithere. Therefore AutoZone figured they would get nothing. Which is what happened.

My fear is if I go back for my Emissions inspection again I will get the same errors as before " Not Ready" is indicated on Catalyst, Evap Sys, O2 Sensor and O2 Heater.

All suggestions indicate that the engine computer has been reset and therefore it is not ready for an emissions evaluation. Typically this occurs when the battery has been removed. Trouble is, the battery has not been removed in at least 6 months. Engine starts strong; starts with almost no dimming of headlights.

Any other thoughts? Thanks



June, 25, 2008 AT 10:47 PM

Well the the emissions test is saying that the o2 sensors are have problems reaching operating temp. I would test the sensors/and see if maybe they are weak, and while your at it I would test. The catylictic convertor too.

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