1962 Mazda 626



January, 3, 2006 AT 11:10 PM

Few weeks ago I had a solid check engine light. Around that time I was putting cheap gas(87). One day my car started missing while driving 50-80 mph. Then my engine started knocking on low speeds and check engine light started flashing. Since then changed spark plugs twice, wire set, dist cap, air filter and pcv. The mechanic cleared some codes except one unknown (according to him). He also said that he changed valve settings as well.
The light went away but the problem came back again after 1 week. The light was flashing, it went away for 2 days, and then came back again. The dealer is saying first put original plug and wire set then they can diagnose properly. I wonder if I had to change O2 sensor or fuel filter as well.
I am gonna try a different mazda dealer can you please advise how to approach this problem and explain it to the dealer. I want to spent money carefully


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January, 7, 2006 AT 3:39 PM

I had the diagnostics again. It was the same general codes that reflects to change the plugs etc. I asked to change fuel filter, they found rust comming from the gas tank. Maybe that will solve the problem. Fingers cross!




January, 7, 2006 AT 6:00 PM

Holy Crap!

Rust from a plastic gas tank!

Unless the rust came from the gas sation tanks. What year 626 is it and what engine do you have?

Cosmo. Mazda Tech



January, 30, 2006 AT 4:32 PM

Mazda 626 96 V6 cronos.
I also changed the fuel filter and muffler but the problem is still there. I guess I have to change O2 or Airflow sensor. This is crazy.



May, 3, 2006 AT 1:46 PM

The above problem was fixed after changing MAF and distributor. My car was running fine for about 2 months. Now suddenly it has a rough idle problem. It didnot happend during driving. The car starts fine but as soon the rpm goes below 1000 or so it gets rough and shake a little bit. I have to accelerate at a certain way to have it smooth otherwise its a versy rough ride. Just wondering is it anything to do with transmission or another electrical problem.
I have replaced Distributor, MAF, Plugs / wireset, airfilter, fuel filter, pcv, and exhaust pipes. This is crazy

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