1989 Mazda 626



January, 11, 2006 AT 12:37 AM

89 Probe uses Mazda 636 engine 2.2L. Has been bullet proof for 175,000 miles, love this little car. All of a sudden, would not start. Cranks very fast, but no Vroom! I raised up the cover of the air filter and the Vane Air Flow Meter was closed, pushed it open with a screw driver, sprayed in sone starting fluid, vroom sound and it would run as long as I held the little door open with the screw driver. Stalled as soon as I pulled the screw driver out and the little door closed.

I replaced the Vane Air Flow Meter, vroom, and it ran great for a few short trips. Failed to start in my driveway the other day, used my Mustang GT. Next day went out and it started right up without touching anything. (I think it must be a girl car.) Ran fine for a few days, started every time. Tonight it cranks, will not start. I loosened the big rubber tube after the VAFM and spryed starting fluid into the intake and it started and ran on the starting fluid and stalled shortly as it was used up. It is as though there is no fuel - seems to run fine if it has something to burn.

I am going to clean up some corrosion around the battery terminals tomorrow after I get it towed home (again) and see if that does any good.

Any other ideas? :


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January, 11, 2006 AT 2:50 PM

Well - borrowed a Toter this morning, got a helper, drove to the other side of town, cranked but did not start, pushed it onto a toter, towed it home, unhooked the Toter straps, put the key in to release the steering, thought " why not" and hit the starter, vroommm, there was an immediate start. : Shock: I did not do anything to it except tow it home! : Roll: It seems like there is an issue with fuel delivery. Sometimes there is fuel and life is good. Sometimes everything else is there except fuel. Can it be a corroded contact somewhere? Circuit breaker? What?

I'll have some time to look at it later tonight any ideas gang? :



January, 11, 2006 AT 4:30 PM

I had a Dodge Neon that did that. It turned out to be the fuel pump. : Roll:



January, 17, 2012 AT 12:42 AM

If no fuel is problem during no start, then the pump and it's associated electrical feed mechanisms are suspect.



February, 16, 2012 AT 4:42 AM

Interesting. The server says my answer was successfully submitted, but I don't recall opening this question and there is no answer from me. Before this, that is.



April, 7, 2012 AT 9:31 PM

See below



July, 18, 2012 AT 4:05 AM

Nevermind, I figured it out. The timing belt slipped. Still dunno why it had compression some of the time.

Thanks for your help.


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