, 284,000 MILES, 4.6L V8 OVERHEATS.....

2002 Lincoln Town Car



September, 10, 2007 AT 12:13 PM

Only when the AC is on. Car is a livery car and runs great and has had regular checks and oil changes every 3000 miles. Thanks for any advice to this.


2 Answers



September, 10, 2007 AT 2:10 PM

There are 2 fans under the hood 1 comes on (or should) when the A/C is turned on, the other comes on as needed. For engine cooling, Check for this operation and also the anti-freeze strength, and level!



November, 16, 2007 AT 1:36 AM

A 2000 TC should only have one radiatior fan.
It is an electric mounted in radiator shroud. There is no engine driven fan on 1998 and up.
There is a fuse for this fan and it blows pretty easily. Owners manual will show you location as Ford does not mark the fuses on the cover. (Thanks Ford)
It should be in the drivers side underhood fuse panel.

Can you see the fan come on at ANY time?
If fuse is blown it can't spin at all.
The car is designed to turn the fan on due to engine temp to keep temp at about 195, AND it comes on anytime the AC compressor is engaged.
There is a fan relay on the drivers fendeer well area.
A small plastic cover about 3" x3" with 4 relays underneath it.
One is rad cooling fan. You can breifly connect the 30 and 87 terminals in the holes where the 30 and 87 prongs of the relay plug in and the fan should turn.

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