2001 Lincoln Town Car


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September, 28, 2007 AT 8:56 AM

Playin the other side today!

2001 lincoln town car 38000 miles, 4.6L

The o2 monitors won't run, all others have run excect the O2 and HO2 ( evap and Cat (because O2 hasn't run). Mode 6 showing no problems in O2 area (does show dpfe getting a restriction? And the evap (because it hasn't run or has a problem.
O2 scopes out fine, no sign of any problems with O2's seen with scanner.

There is no reason I can find for it not running.


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September, 28, 2007 AT 11:29 AM

HEy Steve,
No driveabilty issues.
No codes present in the current or pending.
We just want to have the readiness monitors run so we can pass emission inspection here in NY.

Car has been driven considerably. We have gone through the drive cycle several times, including time to cool completely.

The readiness monitors not set are heated Oxygen Sensor, Oxygen sensor, Cat and evap.

The only one I care to get to run is the O2 and Heated O2, the rest should follow.

Also, coolant temp was not coming, t-stat replaced, coolant temp no longer an issue.

Other than warming car up for 15 seconds and driving
40 mph for 5 minutes at steady throttle, I have no other info on getting it to run.

Aye, Aye.


Service Writer

September, 29, 2007 AT 7:37 AM

Hey Steve,
I appreciate the material.

But that problem is the readiness monitors not setting. I know there is no magic bullet and it is probably somthing we are overlooking. The car is coming back to go further with. We plan on clearing the KAM, like you mentioned. Our original thought was that it shouldn't need to be cleared, but have seen stranger. You mentioning it supports our thoughts.

We have monitored the ect, the t-stat is opening around 188, Even though we replaced it. The monitor wants it to be 190 and that is my next thought if clearing the KAM doesn't work. :x :? :roll:


Service Writer

October, 28, 2007 AT 3:41 PM

It took a bit of research, FORD did not make this easy to uncover. The monitor will not run if the fuel tank pressure is not reading right. Fuel tank pressure sensor was the the problem on this one.

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