1997 Lincoln Town Car

1997 Lincoln Town Car V8 Automatic

my car suddenly ran very hot, the hose to the raditor
came off. When the car cooled down we replaced the hose and filled the resievoir. The car won't start.
we've been told that it is a blown head gasket. When we checked the oil it did not look milky, but when the oil pan was removed there was water in it. We drained the oil and it was very dark. Also there was water or antifreeze in the spark plugs and in the fuel injectors. We dried everything out, but it still won't start. Every time we try to start it the resivior statrs to buble and the batter light is on inside the car. Of course antifreeze went every where when the hose blew, is it a head gasket or do you thibk something electrical got wet.
Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, December 5th, 2009 AT 6:46 PM

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When you stated you found water in the oil pan and water or antifreeze in the spark plugs and in the fuel injectors. I am almost positive you have a blown head gasket. Steam, water or white smoke exiting the exhaust pipe is another strong indicator also oil in the radiator coolant.

The reason for the difficulty you are having starting the engine could very well be "low compression" in one or more of the cylinders. Another sign is when you try to start it the reservoir starts to bubble. That is an indication the the engine is drawing in outside air through the crack/cracks in the head gasket. One way to know if it is the head gasket is to do a complete compression check to see if there is a significant difference from "cylinder to cylinder" (write each cylinder reading down).

>>If the engine is healthy it should have a minimum of 125 psi in each cylinder when conducting a dry, cold engine compression test with the throttle plate wide open.
Then the highest and lowest pressures should be no more than 10% or 15% psi difference between them. If you still have any doubt run a wet test (oil in each cylinder) and see how much the pressures change. If the change is huge I would say you have big problems<<.

If you can get the engine to eventually start, to "ABSOLUTELY" know for sure if your head gasket is "blown" or the block is cracked is to check for exhaust hydrocarbons with a block tester and test dye. If the dye changes color during testing your head gasket/gaskets are "Blown"


Therma Gasket makes it too.
Information on this at this link: http://www.arrowheadradiator.com/head_gasket_or_combustion_leak_test.htm

With a "blown" head gasket caused by overheating you could also have additional problems that need to be checked. Your cylinder heads for warping or bowing, your valves also need to be checked.
** Do not cut corners if you tear the engine apart and let the cylinder heads and valves go without having them checked**
If you have bowed/warped cylinder heads or burnt valves and you replace the head gasket you will be tearing the engine apart again "guaranteed"!!
With no if's, and's or but's about it.

Sorry for the bad news;
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Monday, December 7th, 2009 AT 6:29 PM

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