1995 Lincoln Town Car shifter column

  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 186,000 MILES
I have a 1995 Licoln Town Car Signature series. The shifter on the column sometimes gets stuck in park so I have to move the shift lever up and down jiggle it every which way until it decides to unjam itself, what would cause this?
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Friday, November 13th, 2009 AT 9:30 PM

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A possible cause for this problem is the failure of the Brake Shift Interlock Solenoid. (It could be a short or even a mechanical problem with shifter shaft. Hard to say when you can't look at it) Its part of the safety mechanisms in your vehicle that makes sure when you shut your car off you dont leave it in gear (or in this particular function) or bump the lever in park and send your vehicle rolling down the street.

I've put some instructions down below on the removal and installation of the Brake Shift Interlock Solenoid. But I haven't figured out how to upload pictures yet. But I'll try to take some pictures of the actual area you'll be working in. Hopefully by monday night.

Anymore information you would have on the problem would be helpful

WORD OF CAUTION Whenever you are working around a computer or a steering column always make sure to take extra precautions not to damage electrical components or even set off your airbags. Disconnect your battery and you can even buy a velcro ground strap that will even ground out the static electric charge that your body can produce.


-Disconnect battery ground cable and air bag backup power supply.
-Remove lower RH and LH mouldings from instrument panel by pulling up and snapping out of retainer.
-Remove five retaining screws from instrument panel lower cover and remove cover.
-Remove instrument panel reinforcement.
-Disconnect transmission range selector cable from actuator housing by removing one screw.
-Remove four column attaching nuts and lower column assembly.
-Remove electrical harness from brake shift interlock (BSI) solenoid assembly.
-Remove three screws attaching BSI solenoid and insert plate to column assembly and remove solenoid and insert plate. Separate solenoid from insert plate by removing tinnerman clip. Installation
Position BSI solenoid and insert plate in place and attach to column assembly with three screws as shown.


-Connect electrical harness to BSI solenoid.
-Attach column assembly to half car beam with four nuts.
-Connect transmission range selector cable to column assembly with one screw.
-Attach instrument panel reinforcement brace with three bolts.
-Attach instrument panel lower trim cover with five bolts.
-Install RH and LH mouldings on instrument panel.
Connect air bag backup power supply and battery ground cable.
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