2003 Lincoln Navigator



March, 29, 2010 AT 1:38 PM

Interior problem
2003 Lincoln Navigator V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic

my since yesterday EX boyfriend felt the urge while in the passenger seat to pull up the shifter knob while I was driving. He fixed it to the point where I can shift, but the mechanism on the shifter knob (depress to lock into next slot) is off and depressing it does nothing - I can freely shift into the next gear without the safety feature. I tried to remove just the knob, but fell short of prying it open with a screwdriver. Is there a way to open the shifter knob without removing the panel? And, please to settle an issue in my mind. There was not a previous problem. Shifter knobs are not meant to be pulled upward.


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Navigator Mech

May, 18, 2010 AT 4:11 AM

I have an answer for your question. The only way you can pull a shifter knob up is if the retaining bolt that locks the shifter knob in place is missing. It was probably missing and the only way you would know that was to pull up on the knob. I'm sorry you now have an EX-boyfriend out of this simple fix but it really isn't his fault for the missing retainer. The shifter is easy to access by removing the shifters bezel. There is no danger of damaging anything mechanically or electrically by removing the bezel and replacing the retaining bolt. A dealer should be able to fix it in about 15 minutes. Good Luck!

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