1994 Lincoln Continental Coolant leak @ timing cover gasket

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 77,000 MILES
From everything I can see it appears there is a coolant leak at the timing cover gasket (on the left side of the cover where it meets the block).
I can see that I'll need a puller for the balancer, but I was wondering about any other tools or tips. It seems that I'll have to pull the oil pump, water pump, and distributor. Will I have to replace the oil pan gasket as well or the intake manifold gasket?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Saturday, February 20th, 2010 AT 6:18 PM

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Here's the procedure for replacing your timing cover. (Provided by AllData)

If you've never done this before, I recommend you purchase a service manual or subscribe to an on-line data service such as AllData or Mitchell 1. This will provide you with detailed illustrations as well as hints/tricks that will come in handy on any future projects.

Drain cooling system.
Disconnect negative battery cable.
Loosen accessory drive belt idler, then remove drive belt and water pump pulley.
Remove power steering pump mounting bracket attaching bolts, then remove assembly with hoses connected, positioning pump aside.
On models with A/C, remove compressor front support bracket, leaving compressor in place.
On all models, disconnect coolant bypass hose and heater hose at water pump, then the upper radiator hose at thermostat housing.
Disconnect coil wire from distributor cap, then remove cap with plug wires attached. Remove distributor hold-down clamp and distributor.
Raise and support vehicle.
Remove crankshaft pulley and damper using suitable puller. If crankshaft pulley and damper have to be separated, mark damper and pulley for reassembly reference, as damper and pulley are balanced as a unit and should be installed back to their original position.
Remove oil filter and disconnect lower radiator hose.
Remove oil pan as described under OIL PAN. See: Oil Pan Service and Repair
Lower vehicle.
Remove front cover attaching bolts, Fig. 5. Ensure attaching bolt behind oil filter adapter is removed to avoid damaging cover upon removal.
Remove ignition timing indicator.
Remove front cover and water pump as an assembly. Remove and discard cover gasket.
Remove camshaft bolt and washer from end of camshaft.
Remove distributor drive gear.
Remove camshaft sprocket, crankshaft sprocket and timing chain, Fig. 6. If crankshaft sprocket is difficult to remove, pry it off the shaft using two large screwdrivers.
Reverse procedure to install. Align timing chain and sprockets by placing No. 1 cylinder at TDC and crankshaft keyway at 12 o'clock position.
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