1989 Lincoln Continental



July, 17, 2008 AT 3:43 PM

1989 Lincoln Continental Automatic

My 1989 Lincoln Continental Signature trunk lid
will NOT close all the way.
I can open it with a key, but when shutting it the lid does not close all the way. The release does not suck the lid down. Is this an electrical problem? Or what? Is this common?

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July, 17, 2008 AT 4:04 PM

It does sound like the catch motor that sucks the lid down is not engaging. Check and see if the electrical connector is still connected and follow the wires to make sure they are undamaged. I doubt that the catch has its own fuse. Either check all the fuses or look over your car to see if there is anything else not working and check that fuse i.E. Tail lights, brake lights, cigarette lighter. You may be able to inspect the latch and see if the sensor is damaged or out of place.

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