1991 Lexus LS 400 starter

  • 1991 LEXUS LS 400
  • V8
  • AWD
  • 30,000 MILES
What is the easiest way to get to and locate the starter on a 1991 lexus ls 400?
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Saturday, March 6th, 2010 AT 2:51 PM

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Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain engine coolant. Disconnect accelerator, cruise control and automatic transmission throttle cable(s) (if equipped). Remove high-tension lead clamps. See Fig. 5 .
Remove lower high-tension lead cover (above thermostat housing). Remove right ignition coil. Remove thermostat housing bolts, thermostat housing and "O" ring.
Remove EGR pipe. Disconnect fuel pressure vacuum switching valve connector. Disconnect vacuum hoses and EGR coolant by-pass pipe from fuel pressure vacuum switching valve bracket. Remove fuel pressure vacuum switching valve.
Disconnect EGR vacuum switching valve connector. Disconnect vacuum hoses and remove EGR vacuum switching valve. Disconnect coolant by-pass hoses and vacuum hoses from EGR valve and vacuum modulator. Remove EGR valve and vacuum modulator. Disconnect EGR temperature sensor (if equipped) and remove EGR valve adapter.
Disconnect vacuum hoses and mark for installation. Remove vacuum pipe assembly.
Disconnect coolant by-pass hose and connector from idle speed control valve. Remove idle speed control valve and gasket. Disconnect electrical leads, PCV hose and coolant by-pass hoses from throttle body. Remove throttle body and gasket.
Remove accelerator bracket and power brake booster union. Disconnect cold start injector. Detach cold start injector tube from right delivery pipe. Detach diagnostic connector from intake plenum. Remove intake plenum and gasket.
Remove cold start injector, tube, wire harness and gasket from intake manifold. Detach engine wiring harness from intake manifold and right cylinder head. Disconnect heater hoses from rear coolant by-pass manifold.
Disconnect electrical leads from injectors and all engine sensors. Disconnect fuel delivery and fuel return hoses from fuel delivery pipes. Remove injectors, fuel delivery pipes and fuel return pipe. Remove rear coolant by-pass manifold and gaskets. Disconnect wiring and remove starter.
To install, reverse removal procedure. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS table. Ensure White mark on intake manifold gasket faces upward. DO NOT touch air intake chamber and adapter gasket surfaces with hands.
DO NOT touch EGR pipe and air intake plenum gasket surfaces with hands. Apply Seal Packing (08826-00100 ) around rectangular opening of thermostat housing. Add coolant to engine and check oil level. Start engine and check for coolant, oil and fuel leaks. Check ignition timing and road test vehicle.
Fig. 5: Removing & Installing Starter


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