2004 Kia Sorento 2004 Kia Sorento - Plastic Radiator Nozzle

  • 2004 KIA SORENTO
  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 98,000 MILES
Took my 2004 Kia in for recall work, oil change and had them check the coolant system (thought pump was making noise - turned out to be air conditioning compressor rattling a bit). Got the car back and noticed that it was leaking coolant. Upon inspection found that the small top hose on the left side of the radiator was where the leak was coming from - and the small plastic nozzle on the radiator was broke. Took broken piece out of the hose (carefully pinching it out) and it looked like it had been crushed with a pair of vice grips and gouged to hell - looks like this was done purposely or they just didn't care that they'd broke it - picture attached (what do you think). The whole top of the radiator housing seems to be one plastic piece,but do not think this piece can be replaced individually. I think its part of the core assembly (could be wrong). Either way was not looking forward to having to take this back with a cooling system problem (40 min drive) and have to argue with the service department. The obvious damage to the nozzle really has me steamed up and I'm about ready to go back to the dealership and scream - I know they will try to deny any fault (makes me so mad). Unless anyone has any more civilized solutions... :) Any help would be appreciated (would love to dontate, but am out of work).


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Kia recall brakes and Radiator. I had this exact problem with my wife's 04 Kia Sorento. Brought it to Gervais Kia, 6 Industrial Avenue, Lowell, MA
for the SC073 recall work, which is the valve sub assembly induction replacement. Gervais Kia Lowell ma had my wife's Gervais Kia for 17 days.
It happens when they are not careful removing the steel coolant line from the upper manifold,
which is required to perform the ICV SC073 recall work, clearly detailed in the SC073 service
bulletin which has step by step instructions, for the valve sub assembly induction replacement.

When they finally finished it, my wife and I took it for a test drive. We both noticed a strong smell of coolant coming from the vehicle.
I looked under the hood and noticed the radiator was broken in the exact same spot and Gervais Kia had attempted to fix the problem
using obvious white glue. In addition, the Kia parking brake, which is also the emergency brake, was disconnected.

I brought the vehicle back to Gervais Kia first thing the next morning. The service manager on duty that morning at Gervais Kia was Al Dias.
I showed him the broken radiator and the limp parking brake. He stated that our Kia Sorento, which we have owned since new, came into Gervais Kia with the radiator broken.
Of course, I knew he was being dishonest but I let him go on as though he was speaking to an idiot who has never looked under his own hood.

I then inquired about non functioning parking brake / emergency brake, which should have been spotted in the Gervais Kia
complimentary QCM inspection, only to hear the most preposterous response. Al Dias of Gervais Kia Lowell stated that is "Just a parking brake, and will not stop the vehicle."
I asked him if he expected me to believe that Kia Sorento has no emergency braking system?
He adamantly stated that "KIA Sorento has no emergency braking system, the parking brake will not stop the KIA Sorento."
So says the insider expert, Al Dias, service manager of Gervais Kia Lowell Massachusetts.
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