2004 Kia Sorento coolant leak

  • 2004 KIA SORENTO
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 127,000 MILES
Hi, I really need guidance, please, I am female, 51 and can do what needs to be done but need a little guidance & it will greatly be appreciated like you don't know. Anyway I put dye in overfill tank 2 days ago because I was having to add coolant. I see the leak, plain as day and don't know name of hose or how to go about changing it, like what I should remove, the specifics and details. It is the hose that comes out of overfill tank and splits off into a "y" shape and goes into back of motor block. It is plastic, the "y" piece. Ive read online from various people how this always will eventually start leaking. One guy said he took off his windshield wiper cowl in order to get enough access to replace it and said it wasn't bad at all to do it. Kia in my area wants over $200 to change it out because its hard to get to. But I try to stay away from dealer repair places as best that I can, besides I don't have the money. I am fairly machincally inclined to take on things as being female, have it in my family, my Daddy has passed away and he always built motors and sold them and never went to any school go be taught. But with him gone, I will be doing things myself. I have a repair manual for my vehicle but not one bit of info on how to change/replace any hoses. All I need is basic instructions/illustrations on the whole process. I would be most appreciative as I've searched online for 2 days now and finally came across your site. My name is Tina and I thank you in advance. 1-864-308-7764
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Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 AT 1:47 PM

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Normally we dont' have any pics of hoses nor how to change them as some take special pliers to remove the clamps. The pics i'm sending are the only ones we have of a kia the second pic identifies what they are they may only be a dealer item as well, but check at auto parts first. There is a tsb on coolant reservoir as that can leak so have it pressure tested first to make sure that is not the problem. The new tank part number is 25430 3E200QQK
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Thursday, October 29th, 2015 AT 6:28 AM

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