August, 16, 2006 AT 6:20 PM

My 2003 kia spectra- 31 thousand miles on it, was working fine, untill I thought the battery had died. Replaced the battery, ran fine untill I got home, and the car completely died. Not even the door- ajar light was on. Replaced the altenator, charged up the battery. Everything ran fine untill today- I tried running my a/c. And the car barely wanted to move. So I cut it off asap. The car ran fine. I get to work, car dies again. Not even the door ajar light was lit. What could it be? I dont want to take it to the dealer and get overcharged. Any ideas?

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August, 16, 2006 AT 6:23 PM

Charge the battery and take it to autozone or advance. Have them check your battery and altenator. If you got a bad one, it will show up. Also check all of the battery cable connections for corrosion and itghtness. Be sure to check both ends in cluding the ground connection to the engine. Must be tight and clean for the battery to take a charge.

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