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2003 can not get alternator out of van can anyone help
Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, April 7th, 2007 AT 2:26 PM

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Disconnect negative battery cable.
Remove the 10 rosebud clips that attach the cover assembly upper shroud to the upper radiator support.
Loosen the clamp securing the air cleaner assembly to the fresh air duct assembly.
Remove the fresh air duct assembly.
Detach wire harness retainers from upper radiator support.
Detach hood release cable retainer from upper radiator support.
Disconnect connectors from both horns.
Remove hood latch to upper radiator support bolts.
Remove bolts from each end of the upper radiator support and remove support.
Disconnect electrical connectors from both engine cooling fans.
Remove cooling fan bolts and remove both cooling fans from radiator beginning with the driver side fan.
Insert a piece of cardboard behind the radiator to protect radiator fins when removing the generator.
Loosen lock nut on drive belt tensioner pulley.
From under vehicle, loosen belt tension using adjustment bolt
NOTE:One generator connector is a male/female connector and the other is a 12 mm nut/bolt connector.

Disconnect electrical connections at back of generator.
Remove generator brace bolts and remove generator brace.
Loosen lower mounting bolt from generator.
NOTE:Lower mounting bolt can interfere with body before clearing generator. Bolt will be removed along with generator.

Loosen but do not remove upper mounting bolt.
Remove bolts securing upper generator bracket to engine.
Slide generator straight up until it clears the lower mounting bolt hole, then remove the lower mounting bolt.
NOTE:Due to tight fit, removal may require shifting the engine to the right so the mounting bolt will clear the body. Loosen the passenger side motor mount if needed. Retighten motor mount after removal.

Carefully remove generator by sliding unit to right and lifting from vehicle.
Verify that the cardboard used to protect the radiator is still in place next to the radiator.
NOTE:Verify that upper mounting bracket is attached and set snug against the body of the generator. Insert, but DO NOT start lower mounting bolt prior to installing generator onto lower mounting bracket. Manufacturer does not provide bolt torque specifications.

Install and tighten upper generator bracket bolts.
Install generator brace and brace bolts. Tighten all generator mounting bolts. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
Remove protective cardboard.
Install the drive belt.
Turn adjustment bolt to set belt tension to specified deflection. See BELT ADJUSTMENT table.
Tighten pulley lock nut to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
Connect generator electrical connectors.
Install both cooling fans, beginning with passenger side fan. Reconnect electrical connectors.
NOTE:Hoses and cables should be arranged below radiator support prior to installation of support.

Install upper radiator support, using caution not to pinch hood release cable in left radiator mount.
Attach wiring harness retaining clips and hood release cable retainer to upper radiator support.
Install bolts securing hood latch to upper radiator support.
Connect horn electrical connectors.
Install fresh air duct.
Tighten the clamp securing the air cleaner assembly to the fresh air duct assembly.
Attach the upper cover assembly shroud to the upper radiator support using the 10 rosebud clips.
Connect negative battery cable.
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