1991 Jeep YJ How to replace heater motor

  • 1991 JEEP YJ

Heater problem
1991 Jeep YJ 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 150000 miles

Having trouble finding a heater motor. Will one fit from another year. How do you replace it?

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The heater housing assembly must be removed in order to get access the blower motor.

Drain about two quarts of coolant.
Disconnect the heater hoses at the engine side of the firewall.
Detach the heater control cables.
Disconnect the motor wiring.
Detach the water drain hose and the defroster hose.
Remove the nuts from the studs in the engine compartment.
Tilt the heater housing assembly down and pull it back toward the inside of the vehicle.
Remove the attaching screws and the blower motor.

To install:

Position the heater housing assembly on the dash panel.
Make sure that the seals around the core tubes and blower motor are in place.
Install the attaching nuts on the studs being careful not to over tighten.
Attach the defroster duct to the housing.
Connect the blower motor wiring.
Connect the vent door control cables.
Connect the heater hoses.
Fill and bleed the cooling system.


It is not necessary to discharge the refrigerant system.

Remove the hose clamps and dash grommet retaining screws.
Remove the evaporator housing-to-instrument panel retaining screws and the housing mounting bracket screw.
Remove the blower mounting screws and remove the blower. Disconnect the wiring.
Installation is the reverse of removal.

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