2002 Jeep Laredo



August, 26, 2010 AT 10:14 PM

Engine Performance problem
2002 Jeep Laredo 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 117200 miles

The Malfunction Indicator Light came on and oil was leaking from the valve cover which the gasket was replaced. The oil damaged the starter which was also replaced.
A couple of months later my temperature gauge is 3/4 to reach the H and caused the radiator hose to bust. After the diagnostic was performed reported a Thorttlle Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction and the Fan Control Relay with Thermostat was replaced along with the radiator hose.
Today the Temperature Gauge is 3/4 again; oil is leaking from the valve cover again!
There has to be something causing this and THEY (automotive shop) don't seem to care. I cannot continue to replace these items over and over.
Your valuable comments are welcomed.


1 Answer



August, 29, 2010 AT 2:11 PM

Check./Change the pcv valve, if it is clogged then the crankcase fumes and blowby gases will find another way to release, usually it is the valve cover gasket or intake manifold

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