1984 Jeep CJ7

  • 1984 JEEP CJ7
  • 4 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 118,000 MILES
Runs ok wen started up cold but go more than 100 yards and it cuts out and feels like its staving for gas.
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, March 1st, 2010 AT 6:09 PM

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Replace your fuel filter and check your fuel pressure. Your pump may be blocked by the filter or losing pressure.

I tried to contact you thru PM, was told it takes 10 posts to make it work. Sending this post I wrote to another question. Please read it and send me INFO I might need so I can commo with you better. Pasting.

Wrote over 25 answers last few days. Not 1 reply.I WANT A REPLY! (I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT "FEEDBACK and VOTES"). It always gives us a warm fuzzy, knowing that we are staying up till all hours, typing out a NOVEL that may help you get your baby up and running ASAP (FOR NO $$$), fixing stuff the other guys (auto shop) would let slip on by, that should have been addressed while repairing the 1st problem, (preventing other problems) and we want someone to at least acknowledge the effort we have made. PARTICULARLY W/ THE VEHICLE I KNOW MOST ABOUT and the GREATEST VEHICLE KNOWN TO MAN.

I CAN HELP YOU. See my profile. NO PAY FOR ME, HOBBY while injured over 1 year.

Know my stuff w/ CJs. Still got Carter BBD CARB. Vacuum lines hooked up right. Is pollution stuff an issue at your location? (Or if pollution stuff all/ semi-removed, are vac. Lines to right places, as in pre-1972 non-poll. Jeeps?)

How 'bout that fuel filter, has it been replaced.(Saw pump was in your quest.). DO YOU STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL TYPE FILTER W/ 1 inlet and 2 outlets. CRITICAL THAT YOU DO.

I can show some pics to you on things to do, however, I am having difficulty in getting them off and on site. Wrote a question to SERVICE WRITER about this 2 days ago. No reply there either

A Manual would help commo between us drastically. Need your answers, Can show a little now. KEEP IN MIND, MY RIG has 4 barrel carb + intake on 258 1979 engine. The rest is basically the same.

It really sounds like a FUEL ISSUE (too much or too little)INCORRECT CARB ADJ (or rebuild/ replacement rebuilt)FILTERTIMING----VACUUM LEAKINCORRECT VAC. LINE LOCATIONSOR----WORSE, INTERNAL ENGINE WEAR ETC. (Will not go there, YET!)

CAN AND WILL AID YOU THRU ALL STEPS (correct routing---adjs--etc). EITHER HERE OR AT PRIVATE MESSAGE. Need to know if there is. AUTO MECHANICAL COMPETENCE? (Level?)----Vacuum gauge?---PortableTach/ Dwell meter?---Voltmeter? --Repair Manual?--ON YOUR END? (Got mine + more)

YOUR PROBLEM IS THE TYPE I ENJOY and WAIT FORI really like talking someone thru their "ISSUE". Hurry up I'm Waiting.

Love, Turddog
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Friday, March 5th, 2010 AT 12:15 AM

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