1979 Jeep CJ7 Wiring draining alternator

  • 1979 JEEP CJ7
Electrical problem
1979 Jeep CJ7 V8 Four Wheel Drive Manual

I just bought a used jeep and apparently the wiring is messed up. I changed the alternator because it was shorted out and it is leaving me on the road. Any ideas where to check.
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Sunday, January 17th, 2010 AT 1:21 PM

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OK FELLER, not a paid mechanic, nor paid here, Know CJs VERY WELL.

Have you disconnected ALT wires to see if it drains down overnight w/ a charged BATT?

A BATT only drains if there is a load on it, keep this in mind for my next stupid sounding statement. If all ACCs are off, there should be no drain. Except RADIO MEMORY WIRE, computer (this year no computer). Or add-on ACCs.(SHOULD NOT DRAIN BATT overnight) however it will SHOW UP in my STUPID TEST !

GO TO SOLINOID, ALL FACTORY ACC. Wires will be connected to POS BATT side of solinoid, along w/ BATT POS cable. Disregard STARTER CABLE and wires to small push on terminals

Remove nut and all wires that are on POS BATT side of solinoid. PUT BATT cable back on solinoid. CONNECT VOLTMETER set to 12V-20V scale, TO POS BATT side of solinoid. ONE AT A TIME. TEST each ACC lug (WIRES you took off). We are looking for no voltage draw (best case. Voltage worst case). If you get voltage, disconnect radio yellow(MEMORY) and maybe Radio RED (12V), OR any ADD-ON ACCs not Factory. Keep testing ACC lugs (Wires) at solinoid location.

IF STILL GETTING Voltage on a wire. HOOK EVERYBODY BACK to solinoid. EXCEPT MR. DRAWING FIRE WIRE (one w/voltage)

NOW TRY ALL ELECTRICAL STUFF (lights, backups, signals, all !) And ACCs on Jeep for operation

WHATEVER is not WORKING is the CIRCUIT you need to look for DRAINAGE. Find and repair (may have to replace wire on solinoid to find problem in circuit). Hook radio back up and WIRE (left loose from solinoid) used to find voltage, back to solinoid. Give me a report, will help further if needed. Love Turddog
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Saturday, February 13th, 2010 AT 12:06 AM

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