2000 Jeep Cherokee Check Engine Light Comes On/Off since we

  • 4 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 154,000 MILES
We have poured money into this Jeep Cherokee Classic
since we purchased, in September, 2008. It is in beautiful condition, we look after it. Replaced A/C Everything! Catalytic Converter++ Fixed electrical problems in
'Alerts' on dash, separately, which were causing 'Check Engine' light to stay on. We have done Everything!
Check-Engine light came on again weeks ago, garages
told us it was, 'clogged catalytic converter', hadn't been 'welded properly causing a blockage, which, in turn, caused the the idle air control to malfunction. Took to Jeep Dealership, they couldn't figure it out!
Finally we had to get it towed to them, because car just cut out everywhere, you name it, Stop Signs, Traffic Lights and finally wouldn't start; towed! Jeep replaced the Idle Air Control Motor: $432.
Check engine light is back on again 2 days later!
Back to Jeep, they replaced the Jeep Computer: $674.
We've already had the sensor replaced for same problems. Since we had the Jeep back the A/C
only blows on highest setting! We've had Everything
replaced on A/C System! Check Engine light
came back on again, 3 days after replacing PCM!
Have an appointment this Tuesday: 05/04, but
we are desperate that this Jeep doesn't put us under
a bridge! Initially it was reported --2 Auto Shops-- that it was ' clogged catalytic converter / wrong installation problem causing the Idle Air Control system to 'overcompensate'. Jeep Auto Shop said: No, it's in fine, which is Odd, because we have had to fix Cat. Problems forever, including a second weld job! What the Deuce can we do at this juncture?
Any ideas --A 'Road-Map' Direction to Resolve these Repeat issues?
Thank you for any Help you can Advise?
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, May 3rd, 2010 AT 2:16 PM

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Ok so can you tell me what codes are being pulled? The check engine light coming on is setting codes and I need to those to be of any help. Thanks.
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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 AT 11:50 AM
2000 Jeep Cherokee Check Engine Light Comes On/Off
Electrical problem:
2000 Jeep Cherokee 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 154000 miles:
"Complete OBD II Computer Diagnosis:
Indicate A Fault Code # PO505 ( Idle Air Control System)
Customers has just had Idle Air Control Valve Replaced at Dealership
Prior to Arrival --Including New PCM." Cost: $70.00!
Exactly Same Code Presenting prior to Installing
New Parts indicated++ on File.
After New PCM was installed a week ago!
Front Right Passenger Side Window Started Operating --Up&Down
[It never had since 2008, when Jeep Purchased] Also Rear Back.
Left & Right Passenger windows and the A/C Blower has not been
'misbehaving' --I.E, Attempting to Only Blow on Highest Settings!
We have 'felt' All along this was a 'wiring' snafu; possibly
caused by previous owner 'tweaking' wiring to 'quick-sell' --Sure,
enough, along We came!
At this juncture:
Is this 'Related' to the Cat. Problem [Refer our Fist Report to Car2Pro
on Jeep Problems] mentioned by three garages
prior to the Jeep Dealership 'fiasco'?
And What the Deuce, or rather Where do we begin on 'trouble-shooting'
along the Jeep Electrical schematic.
We have had A/C done, so many parts replaced, we believed
All along were due to 'false' readings due to previous owning
'tweeking' wiring etc.
Check Engine light still on, and Jeep's Idle is 'Worse' staggering
at left turns and stops and traffic lights [Feels as if 'trying to
Fail] after all night in garage, then
running high idle, i.E, 'Attempting to 'jump brakes' !
Any help you can provide on the 'data' given here? --Thank you.
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Sunday, May 9th, 2010 AT 1:46 PM
Ok what needs to be done first is check for the needed 11.5 volts to the IAC valve. If the voltage is correct then clear the code to see if it comes back if it does then we will need to do some ohm testing to check the wiring for any breaks or corrosion. Just out of question this jeep hasn't been through a flood has it?
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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 AT 9:18 AM
Donated: $5.00 on 05/14/2020:
Thank you for your Advice which we
Immediately Relayed to the Local Garage:
UPDATE: 05/14/2010:
We thought all along due to 'multitude'
of problems spiralling out at us since dec. 2008
that there were 'tweaks' in wiring or?
We relayed the information you shared with us
to the local Garage wher we were towed Monday.
They have told us today: Friday, 14th, May,
that, finally, they have 'fixed' Jeep engine mount
which broke, causing fan-blades to 'tear' at fan-shroud
[They told us since Monday "Jeep keeps sending the
'wrong' parts". --! We do Know there is a Part Number for Everything, soo. --$400 plus $96 to trouble-shoot P0505 Check Engine light diagnosed by Auto Zone 48 hours before engine-mount/fan --tow issue on Monday, 11th, May. Called at 9;30 AM today; Friday 15th May to say 'ready to go' on engine mount replace/fan shroud replace, but that the Check Engine light that is Still on [It was on before the Tow on Monday and has Not gone off!] IS: P1495!
At this juncture:
We Honestly don't know what to believe?
The garage said we need a replacement:
"Leak Detection Pump Solenoid."
But the Code indicates:
'Leak Detection Pump Solenoid CIRCUIT' --!
Honestly, what we Need is an Honest to Goodness
Honest answer, instead of a 'free-for-all' recession-driven 'Damn, you Jack, it's about Me!'
Driven to tears in desperation over these issues
which are draining the 'living daylights' out
of our 2 paychecks for fam. Of four
We are frustrated beyond description, given the history of erroneous mis-diagnosis since December 2008.
Now with the problems related on 2CarPro where
the Deuce do we go from here!
How can a Check Engine light diagnosed, which
Stayed on until Tow to local garage, CHANGE
in an Un-driven vehicle when this local garage reads it.
To be frank, we believe Auto-Zone, who did Not
charge us a cent, to diagnose and advise; they
told us it was a P0505, which is a pretty consistent
'trouble' Code from this Jeep for 6 months, with a
multitude of expensive parts, thrown at it by Jeep Dealership; instead of the possibility, time-consuming,
no doubt, but cheaper, that they could have Begun
with, i.E, Wiring Checks!
How is that Check Engine Change possible? Also, local garage has Not taken the logical advice
you relayed to us, i.E, Check Voltage and Ohms!
--Which we relayed to them, in order to 'trouble-shoot'
the P0505 Check Engine light; because we know they hadn't even **'Reset' the Code when they called at 9:30 AM today, Friday, to inform us that that **action was 'an option'!
Rather desperate situation, esp. Regarding to financial aspect; currently driving a compact $35 a day local Rental; have yet to make up hours lost with tow time
& hiring a Rental Vehicle at work.
Thank you for Any advice regarding these issues.
UPDATE: 05/14/2010:
Went to Garage, they said New PCM re-adjusting,
they reset Code and it came back on as P1495.
We tried to drive it away and it stalled, engine failed.
Mechanic tried to start it and it went a few times
but finally failed. Mechanic said seemed like Gas
wasn't coming through? We have to leave
over weekend; garage closed weekend, so
Monday they will get back to us. The owner said
they were 'stumped' on what is causing the Jeep
to 'fail'. Surely there are some tests on this Code,
such as Evap and other wiring, vacuum leak tests
they can do? The Gas issue is interesting, though
haven't a clue ourselves. How would we find out if
that is the issue? --Could that be a possibility?
Thank you.
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Friday, May 14th, 2010 AT 1:35 PM
Ok with the new computer put in the code is there because the computer was not programmed. So the shop didn't have the computer flashed or maybe don't know how. So what needs to be done is the computer needs to be flashed to your vehicles vin number. If the shop don't know what that means then take it to someone who does or call the dealer.
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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 AT 9:04 AM

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