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Engine Performance problem
1996 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 116, 00 miles

Upon start the oil pressure gauge hesitates for a second, then reads about 40psi. Once running, the gauge flickers or bounces, and begins to drop. After a few minutes of driving between 20-40psi the gauge continues to flicker and drop, and drop significantly at idle (such as at a stop light). After several minutes of driving or stop/go traffic the gauge drops to 10-20 psi while on the throttle, and reads 0 at idle. If at idle and you tap the throttle, the gauge will jump and read 10-20 psi, then return to 0.

Dip stick reading is just below " safe" level, running 10W30, and there are just a few drops of oil on the pavement where I park.

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 AT 10:28 PM

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If it were mine I would start out with a Mechanical Pressure Gauge to get a real accurate Pressure Test on the engine........not thru the electric way, like yours does now.

If I were NOT hearing Clatter and unusual noises from the engine

And did not have a guage to test with....................

I might invest about $20 for a sender......just to see if it were bad and causing the problem.

I did a little homework for you:


I hope it helps!

The Medic

Was this
Thursday, October 14th, 2010 AT 12:02 AM

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