1985 Jaguar XJS



March, 13, 2007 AT 3:48 AM

The car is 1985 Jaguar XJS V-12 5.3 liter. Mileage listed as 35555. That is the first question, the owner claims to his knowledge it is correct. I checked on carfax it says " inconsistant odometer reading" it also says it is hard to tell it may be a clerical error? In 1993 it had 71314 miles. Then in 1995 it dropped to 9585? Now it reads 35555? Should I be overly concerned if the car runs well, passed smog, shifts well, has good power, ect.
Besides the inconsistant mileage on the odometer there are three problems I am concerned with. The speedometer, Tachometer and odometer do not work. How easy are these to repair and how costly. The owner says all three quit at the same time about 200 miles ago. Thank for your help!
The seller wants $2800, yes or no?


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April, 13, 2007 AT 2:41 AM

I wouldnt buy this car unless it has service records. Very expensive to repair parts. Hard to work on if you do the work your self. Chances are the instrument panel was replaced which would account for the inconsistent milage on carfax. Good move. For checking car fax. Chances are there are problems this guy knows about and isnt telling you take it form me its happened a couple of times.I love the xjs v12. But if I were you I wouldnt buy one made before 89 I would look for service records have it checked out buy good mech and run the car fax like you did also set aside money for gas and maintenence(oil changes are a good example considering how much oil it takes to keep a v12 running smooth) for this beautifull but temperamental car. Keep an eye on engine the v12 in these have little wiggle room and the fans do not do a good job of keeping engine cool. Good luck to you. Also a good indicator of correct mileage is to look at interior and engine compartment. On low mile ones the enine compartment is usually clean. The interior should look nice. If the interior is garbage then you could guess the mileage is wrong. Also how many owners did the car fax claim. Low mileage jags(xjs v12) are usually one or two owner cars and should have service records owners manual etc)

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