2004 Jaguar X-Type Bleed brakes

  • 2004 JAGUAR X-TYPE
Brakes problem
2004 Jaguar X-Type 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic

Let the brake fluid run out from the passenger rear caliper. There was no fluid in the master cylinder. Just replaced the drivers side caliper. Put in new fluid. Fluid coming out of the front pasenger caliper when it is bled. Also the rear drivers side is flowing. Cannot get fluid from the rear passengers caliper or the front driver caliper. Is there a special procedure to bleed brakes on thi car/
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Monday, March 22nd, 2010 AT 2:34 PM

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I just get an assistant, open the bleeder, push the pedal down, close bleeder, let the pedal up, wait 2 seconds, then repeat. This is the procedure by the manual, longer, but works. DO NOT let the master run dry, or you start over!
BLEEDING PROCEDURE 1. Raise and support vehicle. Open engine compartment hood and fit paint protection covers to fenders. 2. Remove the master cylinder reservoir filler cap. Fill fluid reservoir to the MAX (maximum) mark. 3. Install a bleed tube to the right rear brake caliper bleed nipple. 4. Bleed the circuit by: Making sure the bleed tube is firmly attached to the bleed nipple. Submerging the end of the bleed tube in a bleed jar containing a small quantity of approved brake fluid. Positioning the bleed jar base at least 11.8" (300 mm) above the bleed nipple to maintain fluid pressure and prevent air leaking past the bleed nipple threads. Open the bleed nipple one half turn. Slowly apply the brake pedal to its maximum travel (this will force brake fluid into the bleed jar). Close the bleed nipple. Return the brake pedal to rest position. Wait 2 seconds to allow the brake fluid to replenish the system. Fill up the master cylinder reservoir to the MAX mark as necessary. Continue to bleed the circuit until air free brake fluid is pumped into the jar. Fully tighten the bleed nipple. 5. Ensuring that fluid level in master cylinder reservoir does not fall below the MIN mark, repeat procedure for each brake caliper in proper sequence. See BRAKE BLEEDING SEQUENCE table. Fully tighten the bleed nipples. 6. Ensure that brake fluid level is at the MAX mark on reservoir and fit cap. Start the engine and check for correct brake pedal travel and pressure. Apply the brakes and check the system for leaks. Top off brake fluid as necessary, bringing fluid level to the MAX mark. BRAKE BLEEDING SEQUENCE (1) CAUTION: Make sure that the reservoir filler cap does not become contaminated and always use fluid from a sealed container. Application Sequence All Models RR, LR, RF & LF (1) Use ITT Super DOT 4 brake fluid. Page 1 of 1 3/22/2010 .
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