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Engine Performance problem
2001 Isuzu Trooper 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 107000 miles

I took my trooper in to have the timing belt replaced. They replaced it, a transfer belt, the serpantine belt, cleaned the throttle box and the engine compartment. I took it home and at the slightest hill it shook and would hardly accelerate. I took it back to the shop. Now they say 3 spark plugs are bad and they also need new boots. My question is what the heck are boots? I dont find them in any parts listing and 2nd - am I just getting ripped off or can this really be a problem? And why is it happening after the timing belt was replaced?

Friday, September 19th, 2008 AT 2:09 PM

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The Boots you will find under Spark Plug Wires, with that year you have what is called Coil Over which is you have a coil that is mounted over top of each Spark Plug and there is a Spark Plug Boot in between.

It can be a problem, when was the last time the Spark Plugs were replaced? If the plug and boots are original then when the engine compartment was cleaned it, it could have shorted or ripped the plug boots and caused the plugs to foul out.

You may want to get a second opinion

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Friday, September 19th, 2008 AT 2:38 PM

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