1997 Isuzu



September, 5, 2006 AT 10:08 AM


I recently replaced the clutch on my Rodeo and now I am having another problem. I cannot shift into 5th gear or reverse. All of the other gears are working flawlessly.

This may be a major transmission problem but to me it feels like something is not lined up correctly. When I try to shift into the gears, I get no grinding sound, but the stick will not move into them at all. It is almost as though there is something blocking the stick from moving into 5th/reverse.

Please help if possible! Thanks for all of your time!


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September, 14, 2006 AT 11:17 AM

To anyone who is curious.

This is due to a washer not being installed when the transmission was put back on that is the switch for the reverse lights. A 10c washer. If this is not installed, reverse and 5th will be locked out.

Thank goodness it wasn't a new synchro or something like that. Always make sure and check little things like this before you take it to a tranny shop. Labor alone for taking the transmission down is $500. I can do it in just under 30 mins myself : (

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