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I am noticing the brake light on the dashboard coming on and off. Never stays on for very long. Called a shop we trust and they said it was possibly low on brake fluid. Took it in today and he said it is not low on brake fluid and that everything looks pretty good. But in order to get that light to come off, we would have to replace the entire brake system. That that particular year 2002 had an "all in one system" and that you cannot replace individual parts. Is this true? He quoted about $3,300.00 and after I got off the floor I said absolutely not. Is that the only way to get that brake light to come off? We could have a problem when we have to do the annual state inspection. Thank you.
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Friday, January 12th, 2018 AT 10:17 AM

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I have never heard of that one before, a "all in one system" and that you cannot replace individual parts.
From what I am reading it could be coming on because of the parking brake or air in the regular hydraulic brake system, but then it would only come on when pressing down on the brake pedal if it were air.
Does the brake warning light come on when just driving around, maybe hitting bumps in the road or so, or does it come on only when pressing down the brake pedal?
Have you made sure the parking brake is not released fully?
Plus are you sure it is the brake warning light and not the ABS warning light which is for the anti-lock brake system.
Also, is there any buzzers also going off when the light comes on?
If it is the brake light and only comes on when pressing the brake pedal and the parking brake is not on, it could be a faulty hydraulic brake booster.
So, according to this shop, if let's say one brake caliper is leaking, he cannot just replace one caliper and bleed the air out, he would have to replace the entire braking system? Now who would manufacture a vehicle like that?
You could disconnect the red/white wire going to the parking brake switch under the center console to eliminate the parking brake switch as the culprit. I also see a master cylinder pressure sensor. I suppose that could be bad also.
All of those wires lead to the ECU, so you may be able to retrieve a trouble code referring to that pressure sensor if it's faulty.
That would be a C1246.
Or maybe a C1254 for pressure switch malfunction.
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Saturday, January 13th, 2018 AT 7:53 AM

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