2003 Infiniti G35



November, 3, 2008 AT 10:29 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Infiniti G35 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 54000 miles

My vehicle was smoking on startup. Whether, it was cold or even when it is warmed up. It only does it on startup, regardless how long the car has sat.

I took it in for an inspection and the mechanic said that it is the valve seals. Also, the guides could be damaged. Apparently, the previous owner did not maintain the vehicle well.

I paid big bucks for an engine tear down. They basically pulled the engine, the machine shop changed out all the valve guides and seals (which they said were damaged). At the same time, I had them do the gaskets, timing chain, guides, etc.

I just received the car back about 1 week ago. The car still exhibits smoking on start up. Is this residual left from the prior to changing out th valve seals, guides, etc. Actually re-building the top half. Will the smoke eventuall go away? How long do you suppose? I was told by the mechanic that the car will still exhibit some smoke on start up for an undertermined amount of time, due to lot of sludge in the engine. They recommended using BG Quick Clean and BG Motor Oil Additive for 12,000 miles. One application every 3,000 miles. I also changed out the exhaust and tail pipe to see if there was some residual left over. How can I get the car to stop smoking. The car runs fine now, however, the smoking is annoying and embarassing. The mechanic did say eventually it will go away. How long do you think? I paid over $4,000 for this big job and it is annoying. I feel that paying all this money, the problem should've been solved. How long should I give it before I call the mechanic back, and say that the problem still exists.

Thanks for your help.


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James W.

November, 4, 2008 AT 1:45 AM

Any oil residue that had collected in the exhaust system should have burned out in a week. Also, while it was burning out the car should smoke all the time, not just on startup. The only thing I know of that will make a car smoke on startup is bad valve guides and seals or fuel injectors bleeding down into the cylinders.
Also, if you have a lot of " sludge" or carbon build up inside the motor, the last thing you want to do is try to loosen it up. It can stay in the motor forever and never hurt a thing. BUT, if you try to loosen it up it will come off in chunks, fall into the oil pan, plug your oil pump pickup screen and junk your engine.



November, 4, 2008 AT 2:45 AM

I did have the top half completely re-done. That is why it costs me over $4,000. I had the valve seals changed, the valve guides, and all gaskets. I recently changed the PCV valve, with the problem getting worse after this installation.

The motor was completely torn down, a professional machine shop did all the machine work, and the mechanic re-assembled everything back together.

I haven't spoke to the mechanic about fuel injectors. Apparently, the previous owner did not maintain the vehicle very well. So there is a high build-up of sludge inside of the engine. I am running several cleaners right now (BG Products), which is aggressively cleaning out the engine. This is apparent due to the dirty color of the oil, despite the most recent change.

I'm pretty dismantled right now. I was expecting the smoking to go away after spending $4,000. I feel confident though, because I have a very good mechanic that he will assist me in resolving tihs problem until it is fixed to its entirety.

Is there anything else that you think could be the problem. I must also mention that I removed the engine cover and plenum and noticed some oil residue under it. I cleaned this off with a rag, and re-assembled everything. The mechanic did mention that he cleaned this as well, which about 10 days ago. However, the oil came right back. Any idea what would be causing oil to be present under the plenum?


James W.

November, 4, 2008 AT 3:28 AM

I good you have a mechanic you can trust. We get a " lot" of horror stories. You may want to mention injector bleed down to him.

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