1999 Infiniti G20



October, 29, 2008 AT 7:21 PM

1999 Infiniti G20

To make it simple, the brake light and the light - it's a picture of a battery - is always on. The battery has had to be charged twice in the last 2 days. The alternator was changed, but still the lights stay on. Any suggestions?

New York

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October, 30, 2008 AT 2:26 PM

It means that the car is not getting more than 13 colts from the alternator. If the alternator has been replaced recently, make sure that all connections on the alternator are tight and properly attached. You should have a clip with 3 wires, a positive battery cable, and sometimes a ground wire. Also make sure that the belt is properly tensioned.

Once all that are checked, get a voltmeter. With the engine running, check the voltage output of the alternator (on the alternator battery cable). You should get more than 13 volts, but no more than 15.9 volts.

If you don't get the voltage range, alternator is bad. If you do have the right voltage (at the alternator), attach the probes to the battery terminals. You should get similar voltage +/- 0.1 volt. If you don't get the voltage range at the battery, there is something wrong wrong with your cables.

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