2002 Hyundai Sonata



March, 17, 2008 AT 1:54 AM

Interior problem
2002 Hyundai Sonata 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 92000 miles

In my 02 sonata the airbag light stays on continuously after the car is started. I assume it does its self test because for a second the light goes off when I start the car but afterwards remains on until I shut the car off. Should I be worried about it? I thought maybe a wire or something was faulty.

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March, 28, 2008 AT 3:07 PM

I have an 02 sonata with the same problem. Did you get your issue resolved? I talked to one guy who said 9 times out of 10 it's corrected by reseating the pins under the seats. I tried that, but the light is still on. I have an appointment to have it checked out on Monday. Let me know if your problem was resolved and I'll try to remember to post an update after I find out on Monday.



May, 17, 2008 AT 10:48 AM

Did you ever get the air bag light checked out? If so please give us an update.




May, 17, 2008 AT 1:00 PM

I have the same problem. I had a Tech look at it an dit pulled a code of B1378. He said it was either the side airbag on the drivers side or the Control Module. I am doing a few checks myself he showed me how to do to see which one it is. Do any of you have a plug hanging under your drivers seat that is not hooked up? It has a blaco connector and 2 wires coming from it (one Black and one Red)?

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