January, 15, 2007 AT 7:57 PM

Recently had my car serviced,which included the replacement of the timing belt! A full timing kit and belt were used!! My car is a 1998 Hyundai coupe FX 1.6L petrol,with just on 51000miles on said engine!! The trouble is that since the service ive noticed a low rattly,clacky noise under the timing belt cover!! Ive also noticed a definite vibration in the engine at certain engine revs,usually just above idle,or around 2000 revs!! The vibration is definitely in the engine as ive checked it several times!! Ive taken the car back to the garage,they took out the belt and kit,and reinstalled it to be sure it was installed properly the first time! They say it was,however after they did it a second time,the noise was not as bad,but its still there,as is the vibration!! Trouble is neither the noise or the vibration,were present before I got the car serviced!! The engine was as sweet as a nut,before I got it serviced,but I think they ruined it!!! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!! This car is my baby pls help!!!! I should say that it is an Irish car,living its life in Ireland :D I would love to donate to the site but am unsure,as we are all in euro currency here?




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Bruce Hunt

January, 16, 2007 AT 10:32 AM

I suspect that the vibration and the noise stem from work done and I would point to the idler/tensioner pulley. It could be that they did not tighten it enough. You made the comment that the noise lessened the second time around. Generally, the manufacturer will give a range of which the tension is acceptable. Some places try to stay on the lesser side of the specs and you might want to reach for the higher end. I doubt at the age of the engine but yet another possibility is that the tensioner itself could be in need of replacement.

Hope it helps.



January, 17, 2007 AT 7:51 AM

2001 Hyundai Sonata 81K 4CYL--

I have this vibration too. Last week I had the timing belt changed. Now I have a very noticable vibration, especially around 2800-3200 RPM. My mechanic has said it is the motor mounts being out of " original" location. He has tried to " adjust" them once. There was a slight difference, but there is still a vibration that was not there before I took the car in. My timing belt was not broken when I had it changed.

Is there a balancing or harmonics that need to be adjusted? I did not take it to the dealer as they wanted 3 times as much to work on it. But my mechanic is well known in the area and came recommended.

Any thoughts?



Bruce Hunt

January, 17, 2007 AT 11:02 AM

There is quite a trail of things to do in the installation. A major focus is on the tensioner and getting that set right.

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