PO442 indicating evaporation emission leak

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2001 Hyundai Elantra 4 cyl Automatic 49000 miles

3 months ago the malfunction indicator light came on. The obd scan showed 2 sensors. The first was PO 711 relating to the transmission fluid templative, and the second wasPO 139 bank 2 sensor 1. These were replaced and the light went off. Two weeks later the same light came on and now the scan is showing a few more in addition to the first 2. There is a PO442 indicating evaporation emission leak and a PO455 gross leak no air flow. Will I have to replace all the sensors? Or just the 2 additional latter ones. Could it be due to a faulty catalitic convertor? Is this indicative of some other major problem. If I am getting it repaired should the mechanic check for the cat convertor first?
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The p0445 and 442 are sometimes called the gas cap codes, replace/check the cap, then for the transmission there is a TSB on Hyundia transmission modules, Though the code isnt right, this is the bulliten for the tranny temp.

CODES P0712, P0713
Reference Number(s): 00-40-010, Date of Issue: August, 2000 HYUNDAI: 1995-2001 Accent; 1992-2001 Elantra; 1986-1994 Excel; 2001 Santa Fe; 1991-1995 Scoupe; 1989-2001 Sonata; 1997-2000 Tiburon; 2001 XG300 GROUP:40 - Transaxle
Related Ref Number(s): 00-40-010

An automatic transaxle oil temperature sensor with an OPEN circuit may result in the following symptoms:
Harsh P-R or P-D engagement
No 4th gear engagement (1996-2000 Elantra & Tiburon, 1995-2001 Accent)
2nd Gear Hold (1999-2001 Sonata)

Damper clutch not engaged

Diagnostic Trouble Code: P0713 - Fluid temperature sensor - open circuit
An automatic transaxle oil temperature sensor with a SHORT circuit may result in the following symptoms:

2-3 shift flare (Accent, Elantra, Tiburon)
MIL illuminated
Diagnostic Trouble Code: P0712 - Fluid temperature sensor - short circuit
If you are servicing a vehicle with these symptoms, please apply the following

1. Disconnect the connectors between the oil temperature sensor and TCM. Check for bent pins or pins not fully inserted in the connector. Repair as necessary. 2. Measure the resistance of the harness between the sensor connector and TCM connector. Refer to the appropriate ETM to find the correct pin terminals. If the resistance is:
More than 1 ohm: Repair the harness
Less than 1 ohm: Go to Step 3. 3. Attach a Hi-Scan Pro to the Data Link Connector (DLC) and select: "Hyundai Vehicle Diagnosis" menu, "AutomaticTransaxle" menu and Replace the oil temperature sensor

No DTC - go to step 4. 4. With the Hi-Scan Pro attached to the Data Link Connector, select: "Hyundai Vehicle Diagnosis" menu, "AutomaticTransaxle" menu, "Current Data" menu and "Temperature Sensor". Check "TemperatureSensor" when the ATF is cold and hot. The oil temperature sensor is operating correctly if the readout is:
CORRECT READOUT ATF Temperature Hi-Scan/Scan Tool Readout ATF cold Same as outside air temperature ATF at normal operating temperature 70-100 C (158-212 F)

5. If the temperature sensor does not read as in Step 4, replace the oil temperature sensor.

PARTS INFORMATION Model Part Name 1996-00 Elantra/Tiburon Oil temperature sensor 46386-22600 1995-01 Accent Oil temperature sensor 46386-22600 1999-01 Sonata Oil temperature sensor 46386-39050 P/N
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