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Electrical problem
2000 Hyundai Elantra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

The car runs fine, never dies or stalls, but after its ben running for 2 hrs or more and I shut it off, when I go to start it it turns over finr but it acts like its getting no fuel whatsoever. Then after an hour or so it starts like nothing was wrong. I was told it could be the fuel pump relay but I cant locate it. I have the chiltens manual and it dosnt show location of the fuel pump relay. I was told ithe fuel pump could be over heating and the relay shuts itself off? But the car never dies its just wont start right away. Should I replace the fuel pump too? When this happens I have pulled up the back seat where the fuel pump is and it sounds like its getting no power. Would a defective relay do this? Or a defective pump? So I really want to find this relay, please help me Auto zone couldnt find it on there com eather

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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 AT 4:12 PM

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Fuel Pump Relay In passenger compartment relay box, sorry no pic available

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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 AT 5:13 PM

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