1997 Hyundai Accent



March, 25, 2008 AT 3:30 AM

Transmission problem
1997 Hyundai Accent 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

Ok, so this has been an ongoing issue for awhile. At least 6 months, not too bad for myself cause its still driveable but intown, highway driving it Rev's way to high.

I drive a 97 Hyundai Accent 1.5L SOHC - 3 speed automatic transmission with Overdrive. I blew the transmission up long ago. Had it replaced with a used one. Mileage at the time of replacement was 110,000KM and transmission going in had about 240 to 260 if memory serves me right. When replaced I used ATF3 with the friction modifier to make it the right stuff for my transmission (Being as I didn't have a Hyundai Dealer closer. 800km away) - all has been going well. Transmission has driven me all over. But the last 6 months. This happened.

My O/D has stoped working, The shifter button when pressed in or out, would be blank on my dash or say " O/D OFF" - Now, the button does absolutly nothing, I replaced the switch, nothing. I have replaced the pulse generators on the transmission, basically the Input and Output speed sensors, while back, did not fix it.

So for intown driving the transmission holds up great, runs smoothly into 1st, 2nd and 3rd. But will not go into Overdrive. Reverse works also.

Another question, with a old transmission with no records of services, should I do a Transmission Flush, or drain and fill. Reason I ask is possibly when the filter is replaced underneath, could of got stuff into the Valve body. I've worked in the automotive Industry before, (Parts and Service) but I really know NOTHING about transmissions, some professional help could assist me in correcting this issue which would help me out big time.

If anyone knows anything please help me out!
if you need questions or more diag - feel free to message me.

Thanks - Tim


Transmission Flare


Transmission Problem


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March, 25, 2008 AT 3:14 PM

Have you scanned for codes yet? should have set a code if there is no O/D...Get them read, OBDII scanners can be had for 30.00 to 40.00 dollars U.S.
Then post the code(s) There is also a modified trans control module for your year, all Hyundai's are covered und the TSB for this...the reference nuber is: 99-40-010 And it should fix the overdrive problem!
The new part number is 95440-22691

Not the best picture, but it's located on the left underside of the dash...left of the brake pedal...



March, 25, 2008 AT 4:31 PM

Hey Thanks for that, my roomate has the ODBII Scanner little portable one, I will check it today for some codes and get back to you. If I were to call a dealer and give them my VIN can they check for Recalls or whatnot?

Update: Scanned the computer with a OBDII Scanner, found no codes. - : S



March, 26, 2008 AT 5:29 AM

Merlin. I was wondering. The likely hood of there being gunk in the Valve body possibly stoping the over drive. Other question is with it being so old. Should I drain and Fill or do a transmission flush and then change the filter out after? Im so clueless about transmissions.

I was thinkin if I get some hose and attach to the Transmission Intake line and then the return line. And make it suck good fluid out of the bucket and drain the old stuff. Then seal it up. Drop the pan after I got good fluid in the transmission. Save the good fluid thats in the pan (saves me money) replace the filter and put pan back on and re-add the fluid.

Please get back to me, I need to try to fix this.




March, 27, 2008 AT 2:32 AM

A tranny shop foes fluhing proceedures, and it might help, but find out if you have the updated TCM.



March, 30, 2008 AT 1:24 AM

I took out the overdrive button and broke it. So I ordered a new one, and replaced it just because I broke the other one and Wala! It was working great again! - Amazing how one little electrical switch / button can trigger something like that!

Thanks for your input Merlin!



March, 30, 2008 AT 6:08 AM

Nice to get lucky once in a while!

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