2006 Hummer H3



September, 9, 2009 AT 5:02 PM

Electrical problem
2006 Hummer H3 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 72000 miles

dash trouble lights on, abs, brakes, traction, check engine. Plus check break fluid read out. Plus speed control doesn't work while these dash lights are on.


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September, 11, 2009 AT 11:13 PM

Have it scanned for codes, you could have a possible acellerator pedal position, or throttle position fault. Is the brake fluid physically low, does it go below the minimum line, also consider on pitch and roll if intermittent.



October, 1, 2009 AT 10:19 PM

2006 H3. I have been having a problem with lights coming on. I had it towed to the dealer and @11k miles. They replaced the brake switch. The light came on, at 17k, the ebcm needed to be replaced. At 25k miles, another ebcm needed, once again at 29k master was ordered. The dealership closed and I couldn't get the part installed until it happened again at the new dealer. It finally came back on and the dealer said to resurface rotors? I didn't really understand why because I had the brakes done only @10k miles back. I was told we have to follow procedure, and the service advisor told me that they found the brake problem (kinda by accident). Turns out contamination of brake fluid from factory they believe. The brakes lines were bulging, broken inside near connector. Parts have to be located now, I am just mad that I bring it in all the time, on time, for service and concerns. Now they notice this after all this time? I need this posted just to make people aware. Thank goodness nothing happened, I always have my young child in this car. I have been nervous driving it because of the concerns, now I am afraid. I was told all the parts which have fluid oi it are getting replaced. Regional manager told me that they have to search for parts because my car is not the only one with this concern! Check the brake lines bubbles or bulging for contaminated fluid! I have been driving around for 2 years with bad brake fluid from factory.



October, 5, 2009 AT 1:07 AM

I think the contaminated brake fluid from the factory, and there are others like it, is hogwash. If it were the case, there would be at a minimum a service bulletin, or recall for the matter, just due to the liability to the manufacturer of the vehicle. I have yet to hear of a similar concern in our region(northwest). Was this regional manager from GM, or affiliated with the dealer. You might consider contacting GM customer assistance and give them the scenario. I have been in a dealer for greater than 12 years, mind you only recently having Hummer as a line, but this does not make sense. With this being a potential safety issue, if there were other vehicles with this same condition, there would be publications about it that would have surfaced.



January, 31, 2015 AT 10:20 AM

It's interesting after reading the experts comment about this not happening with any other car, because I have the same exact dash lights on. No one can give me an answer. Brake fluid levels are fine. Lights for Stabilizer System service goes on and off intermittently, same with the traction and check engine light. None of them stay on consistently, but when I turn or accelerate on certain occasions, they come on in succession and then they go off. Not to come on again until I either stop, turn or there is some sort of movement disturbance that's significant, including a lane change sometimes. I have no answers.

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