1997 Honda Prelude



January, 11, 2010 AT 1:33 PM

1997 Honda Prelude

I just recently purchased this Prelude from a No-Name dealer in Homestead, FL. When we were about to drive it off the lot, I had trouble starting it. They guy said it was because of the alarm. We played with it for a few seconds and the car started up. We drove it all the way down to Key West where we live, and tried to start it yesterday and it did not want to start. We thought it was because of the alarm so today, we called a alarm company to come and disable the alarm. The car still doesnt want to start. We have checked to see if there is electricity going to/from the clutch, starter, ignition, and some other things the guy checked. Everything seems to be fine, now, we have NO IDEA what the problem could be. Any suggestions?


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January, 13, 2010 AT 2:39 PM

Had the same problem with my Prelude, the guy who I bought it from installed a crappy aftermarket alarm system that when activated, completely cuts off power from battery to car, making it so it can not turn on. Try and find the disarm switch on the alarm (it may be behind the rear-view mirror or under the steering wheel) and hold it down for 10 seconds. If that doesnt solve it, check the battery terminals and make sure they are tight, it could be that there is no flow of electricity from the battery to the battery terminals.

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