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Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Honda Passport 6 cyl Automatic

I am going to change the lifters and I was wondering if there was an engine blueprint of sorts so I could visually see the parts in order that need to be removed and placed back together. I also need to know once I get to the lifters how do I change them and is there any adjustments that need to be made?

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Laura L. Lancaster

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Thursday, August 5th, 2010 AT 10:22 AM

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Hi Laura,

Thank you for the donation.

The SOHC uses hydraulic lifters while the DOHC uses shims for valve clearance adjustment.

For Passport it should be DOHC and you need to measure the valve clearance before attampting to remove the shinms. A special tool is required for the shim removal and replacement.

I could not find any suitable diagrams to show you. Generally there is nothingout of the ordinary.

All valve adjustment must be done on a cold engine. DOHC engines have a tappet fit over valve spring with a shim on top of tappet. The shim is replaceable and available in assorted thicknesses. Shims are available in.0008" (.020 mm) intervals between.0945-.1260" (2.400-3.200 mm) thickness.
To measure clearance, rotate camshaft positioning heel of lobe over tappet. Using feeler gauge, measure valve clearance between adjustment shim and camshaft lobe. Ensure valve clearance is within specification. See VALVE CLEARANCE ADJUSTMENT
SPECIFICATION. To adjust clearance, apply engine oil to camshaft lobe and adjustment shim. Using Valve Clearance Adjusting Tool (J-42689), rotate camshaft and push out adjustment shim with flat-blade screwdriver. Measure shim and replace with appropriate thickness adjustment shim to bring clearance within specification.

ValveClearance In. (Mm)
Exhaust.010-.014 (.25-.35)
Intake.009-.013 (.23-.33)

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