November, 12, 2006 AT 4:15 PM

Recently I had a Wheel nut stud break on me when I over-torqued the lugnut. I had enough to put a lugnut back on securely, or so I thought. I got about 40 miles on it, when I noticed that my car was shaking like a nut was loose. So I get home and check it out and find out that 2 wheel nuts are completely broken off. I bought a chiltons manual to get info on how to replace them and it is extremely confusing on whether on how to take off the caliper and if what I should do after I get the caliper off. So how do I go about replacing these studs?


1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

November, 12, 2006 AT 7:21 PM

Take off the rotor and using a punch and hammer on the broken ones and hammer on the bad one knock them out of wheel assembly backwards. NAPA carries the nut and stud usually in stock. Use caution in putting them back on to avoid excessively harming the threads. Snug them down to pull the locking mechanism in to place. Now try not to over tighten them!

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