How do I change a Honda Odyssey Fog Light Bulb?

I can get to the back of the light to unplug it, but I need help getting the actual "bulb" out to change it?
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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 AT 5:04 PM

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I think the subject says it all. Also, if you all own a 2005 odyssey and you want to change the fog lamp bulbs, you need to attack the problem from the front, underside of the car, not from the wheel well. At the front, bottom, you need to remove a nut from the lower bumper near the wheel well. This nut is holding the "rubber protector" that is preventing you from reaching in under the bumper to get to the bulb. Secondly, if you are working on the drivers side bulb, you need to look to the left of the fog lamp, under the car and you will find one bumper clip that is holding that rubber protector to another rubber protector. You need to pop that clip out so that you can then pull the rubber protector away from the bumper. Once you do that, you can get at the lamp from the underside of the car. You then need to use your hand and find the little nut that is holding your fog lamp in place. You will need to get a cross screw driver and remove that nut. You can then simply pull the whole fog lamp out of the bumper, towards the front, rather than attacking the problem from the back. Once the fog lamp is popped out in this way, you can simply squeze on the electrical clip and pull that out to disconnect from the bulb. Then you need to twist the bulb about a quarter turn and it will pop out. Replace new bulb without touching the glass on the bulb. Oil from you skin can cause excessive heat later.

TIP you may find that you destroy the bumper clip when you get it out. You will have to buy a new one from Honda (they are about $2.50 on the Honda online store). You can search for "bumper clip".

I hope that info help!
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Monday, November 26th, 2007 AT 8:33 AM

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