1995 Honda Del Sol



December, 13, 2008 AT 5:16 PM

Transmission problem
1995 Honda Del Sol 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

whats the easiest & fastest way to remove to remove the drive axles?

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April, 10, 2009 AT 8:56 PM

Remove axle nuts. Remove lower ball joint cotter-pins & nuts & remove lower ball joint from knuckle, pull knuckle out & off shaft. Use med. Size pry bar & pop inner joint out of trans. - CAUTION -Hold onto INNER JOINT when pulling axle out of trans, if you pull on the shaft in the center, the shaft & bearing can come out of the caseing. It can be difficult to get bearing back in. I've had to disband the boot more than once to get them back in. Did'nt learn the 1st time. You can pull them out to the wishbone & let hang there or you can emove wishbone bolt & take them out. You can then have axle in hand. Up - Dated 4/26/09 SUN.

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