1993 Honda Del Sol



February, 27, 2008 AT 9:24 PM

Electrical problem
1993 Honda Del Sol 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

im trying to install a cd player in my del sol and I puchased the matching wiring harnass wired it up and it didnt work. So I checked and replaced the fuse and it still didnt work. Then I realized that the cigarette lighter was on the same fuse it also didnt work. Its supposed to have a 15A fuse thats what I put in it but when I first looked it had a 20A fuse so I tryed a new 20A fuse also. Neither worked. Idk im out of ideas. Thanks for the help.


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July, 12, 2008 AT 12:39 AM

I have the exact same issue, did you ever figure out the problem?

There just is no power going to that circuit, and I am considering wiring the cd player to some other power source.

Please let me know if you had any luck!



July, 12, 2008 AT 6:49 AM

Hi kerste_89 and quinndo,

The 15 A fuse gets its power from the ignition switch via the fuse box underdash.

When ignition switch is turned on, power supply should be present at the fuse, if not you need to check the fuse box assy for bad connections.

If power is present, you need to trace the open circuit from fuse box to cigar lighter.



July, 21, 2008 AT 7:55 PM

Yup. That did it. Specifically the " backup" 7.5 amp kept popping. I put a 10amp there and now no problems.
Thanks for your help!

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