1988 Honda CRX Turn Signal Fuse Keeps Blowing

  • 1988 HONDA CRX
Electrical problem
1988 Honda CRX Two Wheel Drive Manual

I just bought an '88 CRX DX about three weeks ago. I've been driving it around since then with no problems (well at least no electrical problems that is), then all of a sudden last Friday the turn signal fuse blows while I'm at a light with my left turn signal on. My tach, fuel gauge, engine temp gauge, clock and exterior reverse lights also went out. I replaced the fuse with another 10A fuse and go on my merry way. Except the next time I use the left turn signal, after about 3 clicks it blows the fuse again.

At this point I realized that it's only the left turn signal that blows the fuse, so I checked the connections around the front and rear left turn signal bulbs. The bulb in the front was blown and the plug looked dirty so I removed the bulb and cleaned the plug off. I didn't see any loose or stray wires anywhere there so, I traced the wires up to the dash and I still didn't see anything suspicious. I also checked the wires around the fuse box but didn't see anything that might cause a short. I then checked the rear bulb and that looked fine. So, I replaced the fuse and left both front and rear bulbs unplugged. The turn signal worked fine without the bulbs and didn't blow the fuse. I replaced the rear bulb and the turn signal still seemed to work fine. I didn't have a replacement bulb for the front, so I just left it without a bulb and hooked everything back up. I turned the turn signal on and it still didn't blow the fuse so I figured the problem was the blown bulb in the front. All this testing was done with the car parked in a parking lot, running.

On Monday, I drove the car to work, used the left turn signal and after about 3 clicks the fuse blew again. I am almost out of ideas at this point. I have not yet replaced the front signal bulb so that's my last idea. If that doesn't work then I don't know what else to check. It seems to only blow when the car is running and moving which seems weird to me. Any idea what's going on?
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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 AT 1:43 PM

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Hi pinkdrop2,

Turn on the hazard and check if the hazard fuse blows.

You might have a shorting in the wiring somewhere of the flasher relay is bad.
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Sunday, October 25th, 2009 AT 6:30 AM

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