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June, 24, 2006 AT 1:01 PM

83 honda civic153505 mi not sure what to ask I have similar problems 2 the other honda messages in that that their cars wont start mine will then it wont it will go for little while then itll die during driving power & everything cuts out I have changed the wires & plugs the coil distibuter cap fuel pump fuel filters I am lost?


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June, 26, 2006 AT 6:48 PM

One thing you can try is when it stops check to see if you have power to the coil, if you don't you might want to check the ignition switch or wiring to it.
You might also want to check (before the above) to see if when it cuts out if you have spark, if you do then spray a little intake cleaner into the carburator while someone is cranking to see if it wants to start. If it wants to start then you know its a fuel problem, if it doesn't then you start persueing the electrical side of things.



August, 13, 2006 AT 1:37 AM

Well I replaced everything you can to eliminate possibilities from plugs & wires to the coill, distributor, cap& roter, fuel pump, fuel filters, catyllitic converter fuelpump cutoff relay to no avail. I almost junked the car but finally I replaced the ignition control module wich mine was internally mounted in the distributor if module is bad you wont get spark thats why I replaced everything not thats its bad but I didnt need 2 replace any of that if only some knew well I learned through trial & error hopefullythis helps you or anyone with this type of problem. Now it runs good FINALLY!



September, 30, 2006 AT 11:31 PM

I am having the same sort of problem with my '86 lude. Changed the module, which fixed the quitting problem. But now its hard to start.
Main relay? Possibly!
Have to check the distributor as Hondas are notorious for them going bad.

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