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July, 8, 2006 AT 1:31 AM

My Honda Civic 1994 suddenly stopped and couldn't start.I towed it to mechanic and they replaced the distributor and timing belt. The belt wasn't broken but they said it was jumping.I took it back and noticed there is no power. Sometimes It takes me 5-6 seconds to take off from idle. The mechanic said the compression will slowly rise because the injectors were dirty and I should put some fuel system cleaner in the tank when I fill it. After I read some of the forums I suspect that there may be bent valves.I wonder why the mechanic didn't check that and didn't tell me that.I paid so far $1500. How much is the average price for valve repair and is it worth it?Can I dispute the charge since I wasn't told about the complete problem of the car?Please Help!
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Bent Valve?


Bent Valves


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July, 9, 2006 AT 12:57 AM

How does the car idle, like normal or eractic?



July, 13, 2006 AT 12:12 AM

I stop at a stop light.I step on the gas pedal when green-nothing happens. After 5-6 sec very slowly it starts accelerating. After it shifts it looses power again. Seems like the engine is very weak. When in park position I turn on the A/C I can feel the vibrations of the engine shaking trying to supply it with power. It was running great before they change my timing belt, water pump, distributor, spark plugs and oil.


Bruce Hunt

July, 13, 2006 AT 3:49 PM

Find someone with a timing light. I would be that thing is so far off time that you may not even see the timing marks on the balancer. This work was not done by Honda was it. I am not tauting their work but finding other good mechanics to work on them is tough.



July, 14, 2006 AT 1:26 AM

I am bringing it next week to an official honda dealer service. It is strange that the car cruns perfect with cold engine. After 5 min of driving it starts the lack of power. It is strange. Thank you for the advice. If anybody else has any ideas I will appreciate it.

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