Honda Civic 2002 Model - Medium hitting with parked car

  • 2002 HONDA CIVIC

I would like to know the estimated cost ( including body parts and labor cost) for Honda Civic 2002 model.

I pressed the accelerator in confusion instead of break and hit another car in the parking place. No damage to the other car at all. But the front body parts of my car got damaged resulting in bad look and shape. No damage to the engine or any other main auto parts. I would like to replace all the body parts at front except Left head lights.

I don't know the names of the body parts to mention them. So it would be greatly helpful for me, if you explain the body parts and their estimated cost to replace.

Thanks a lot for your time and valuable answer.

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Monday, November 26th, 2007 AT 12:41 PM

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i was involved in an accident were i rear ended a truck a while ago, and what i damaged (nothing to major) and had to have replaced was the following (including est. price they will cost you):

1) radiator- $125
2) a/c condenser- $100
3) headlights- $140 (what i got for)
4) hood- $165
5) radiator support- $145
6) grill- $22

other parts u might need:
7) front bumper - $160
8 ) hood latch - $26
9) ac fan shroud - $65
10) fenders - $100 ea

my friend has his own body shop so he gave me a deal $1000 dollars for the repair/restore and my car was pretty messed up.

keep in mind prices will vary slightly/moderatley depending on the type of car you own...sedan/coupe etc and where you buy them.

ill upload pictures to help explain what some of these are.

these are the fenders...think about them as the cover above the wheels.

this is the grill, it goes in the middle of the front of the car in the front bumper, below the hood, (the bumper houses a space for the grill)

the radiator is the part that keeps the engine cool so it doesnt overheat.

radiator support- houses the radiator and ac condenser in place

ac condenser looks like the radiator but its a part of the ac system that makes ur ac work

fan shroud- part of the condenser, just a fan that goes behind the condenser

let me know if theres anything i missed
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Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 AT 9:38 PM

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