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July, 11, 2007 AT 11:58 AM

I have a 1995 Honda civic EX automatic with 198,000 miles on it. I drive 128 miles a day five days a week. Last week on my way home from work I noticed the temp gage was pinned at hot, I was about a quarter mile from a exit. I drove to the exit park the car called the wife to pick me up. The next day I returned to the car and filled it with water and found the leak ! It was the return line, the small hose. I replaced the hose and filled the car with anti freeze fluid and drove it home. The first thing I noticed was the car wasnt shifting very normal at all, it reved very high and I would have to take my foot off the gas to make it shift and that didnt work all the time, sometimes I would just have to wait and every shift was hard ! I drove it to work the next day and when I got home I did notice the idel wasnt very good and a studdering when coming to a stop. I pulled the plugs and checked the basics as well to see what was wrong started it again, it ran for about a minute and died. It hasnt started since and here is what I have checked so far.
I have a freind who is a mechanic we check the following. We pulled the distribiter cap and cleand it, checked the wires, checked the timming belt and made sure it was still in line with the distribiter cap, everything fine. It gets spark, and fuel, we even tried starting fluid in the intake and still got no responce at all ! Nothing it just turns over without any clues !


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Bruce Hunt

July, 11, 2007 AT 3:37 PM

I believe that radiator does the cooling for the tranny fluid. I would dump the tran fluid and then put in fresh Honda Premium. I think it is z1.

Now you have said that you have checked gas and spark. A couple of questions, how did you check the gas? Did you pull and injector to see that it was spraying gas? When you do the tranny fluid is there any water in it? Is there oil in the coolant or vica versa?

It is possible to have spark and fuel but not start and that might seem to be confusing. Here is how. The cam or crank sensors can still allow the car to spark but a failure by one of them can cause the spark to be produced at the wrong time. Make sense? They can be producing bad data and telling the computer the wrong time to fire the spark.



July, 11, 2007 AT 7:51 PM

When I pulled the plugs after cleaning them and trying to start again they had gas on them and the sent.

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