2002 Honda Civic Maintenance Required Light On

  • 2002 HONDA CIVIC
Electrical problem
2002 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive 105000 miles

My maintenance required light has been on for awhile now. I got Advanced Auto Parts to check my computer to see if something would register as to why the check engine light would be on. Nothing came up so the guy told me because I changed my own oil there would be a switch to reset it eveytime I changed it and thats probably why my maintenance light is on. Is this true? If so how do I reset it? Or can I even reset it myself? Or do I need to take it to a place like Jiffy Lube for them to get into the computer frame to reset it? Please let me know soon cause I have to take my car to get an emissions test soon, thanks!
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Sunday, October 19th, 2008 AT 1:10 PM

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Hi airbear2002,

2001-05 CIVIC

1. For the first 8000 miles after maintenance required indicator is reset, the MAINT REQ'D indicator light illuminates when the ignition is turned on, then will go out after 2 seconds. When mileage is 8000-10,000 miles, the MAINT REQ'D reminder light will illuminate for 2 seconds, then blink for 10 seconds, and then go out. When mileage exceeds 10,000 miles, MAINT REQ'D indicator light illuminates and stays on while ignition switch is in ON (II) position.

2. To reset the MAINT REQ'D indicator light, turn ignition switch to OFF position. Press and hold the SELECT/RESET button. While still holding button, turn ignition switch to ON position, with engine off. Hold SELECT/RESET button for about 10 seconds until indicator resets.

3. If MAINT REQ'D reminder light does not reset, ensure headlights, parking lights, or both are turned off when resetting reminder light. The MAINT REQ'D indicator can not be reset if any of these lights are on. If vehicle is equipped with daytime running lights and lights come on when ignition switch is turned to ON (II) position, daytime running lights must be disabled before indicator light can be reset.
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 AT 2:40 PM

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