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March, 13, 2007 AT 10:02 PM

I have a 1993 Honda Civic 1.6L with 208,000 miles. The cruise control quit working and the brake lights stay on. At first I thought they were unrelated, but maybe not. I was thinking maybe an ABS malfunction turned on the brake lights and disabled the cruise control, but the ABS dash light is not lit. Any ideas? If it is the ABS, could the ABS be disabled or by-passed to get the lights and cruise working? Thanks!

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March, 14, 2007 AT 5:19 AM

Check your brake switch at the pedal-The brakes has something to do with the C/control. When the computer sees a signal as programmed like high and low voltage from the brake it will disengage the C/control

Hence-when you set the C/C and you step on the brakes -what happens to the C/C-it disengages ain't it.

HTH Good Luck



October, 29, 2007 AT 9:16 AM

Just had the problem. I first went to check the brake switch at the pedal and found bits of broken blue plastic on the floor. Turns out this appears to be a " striker" for the brake switch. The brake pedal arm has a flange attached to actuate the brake switch and this plastic piece fits into the flange. Looking for the part now.



November, 15, 2007 AT 8:25 PM

I had the exact same problem. It started one afternoon on my way home from work. I got to my Civic and realized my taillights were on. It appeared that I had mistakenly left my lights on, but they were turned off. I drove home and noticed that the cruise control would not engage. When I got home I examined my fuse panel under the dash and noticed blue pieces of plastic on the floorboard, which turned out to be the remains of the brake light switch actuator. This is the device that turns of the switch, which in turn turns off the brake lights (they are activated when pressing the brake pedal and the actuator is removed from the switch, turning it on). This was a very simple fix. I just inserted a plastic retainer clip, like you would used on a door panel, and now my brake lights turn off and the cruise control engages. The brake light switch is a 4-conductor switch on the LX and EX models (both equipped with cruise) and a 2 conductor on the DX (without cruise). So, whenever your brake lights are on with your foot off the brake and your cruise control will not engage, always check to make sure your brake light switch actuator is in place and not broken.

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