Honda Accord



June, 21, 2007 AT 6:37 PM

1998 honda accord coupe V6 automatic

bought used 1 year ago w/ 109 000 miles

the dealer(a volvo dealer) had a mechanic replace the
timing belt and the water pump although I never got documentation of those repairs.

Codes: cylinders 1 - 6 misfire w/ ranom misfires

P1457 evap contol system leak

Strange sounds: when I hit the gas the car has a mettalic sound almost like a diesel engine. It only happens when I really give it gas in idle or if I am accelerating up a hill.

I am scared that I got ripped off by the dealer and something is really wrong. The car runs great except for those problems I have put 21 thousand more miles on it. The mileage is at 131 000.

Any advice guys?


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June, 22, 2007 AT 7:56 AM

If it is giving misfire codes for all cylinders, it could be detonation you are hearing. If the tech missed the timing when doing the belt, that would cause the problem. The evap code, it will probably need some diagnostic testing to find the leak. Visually inspect the engine for any broken or cracked vacuum lines



June, 24, 2007 AT 11:13 AM

Will adjusting the timing belt require extensize work, like taking the engine out? How much do you think this will run?


Bruce Hunt

June, 24, 2007 AT 12:09 PM

I don't think Jack was telling you to re-adjust the timing belt but rather the timing of the car. That is done with a timing light, computer in the car disabled and rotating the distributor until things are set.

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