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March, 9, 2007 AT 2:19 PM

2000 honda accord ex 4 cyl, 91000 miles. I am having a most disturbing time with my honda in that it seems to be burning about 4 quarts of oil every 3-4 weeks. Experiencing loss of power as well. Took it in to dealer and came up with code P1259 which they tell me is a vtec system fail at which time they changed oil and all was good for a little while. Took it to a different shop about a month later. Same code said car was low on oil again, good. Well about 3 weeks later same deal. This time mechanic did look for leaks, only a small one at the timing housing, checked for coolant condition, all good, did compression test all cyl wet + dry 3cyl fail more than 20% variance. 15% 20% 25% 36%. Told me most likely cause was piston rings but possibly valve seats or seals. Said I would be better off just dropping in new engine. Car is still under powertrain warranty up to 100,000 miles so took it back to dealer. They mentioned small leak at timing housing but after explaing to them that its burning that amount of oil they asked me to pick up car and drive it for 500-1000 miles to see for themselves how much oil it has burned. I asked them repeatedly about the results of compression test but they don't seem to believe me. Have noticed a lot of oil around tail pipe of exhaust. Are there any other things that could be causing car to burn this much oil? Or is the dealer just trying to avoid covering this under warranty.


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March, 9, 2007 AT 4:17 PM

I think they're trying to avoid the issue here. I would take it back to them and demand that the motor be replaced under warranty. If the vehicle is still under warranty then they need to back it up! I agree with the tech that did the compression test. It's either valve seals or worn piston rings. Good luck



August, 20, 2007 AT 11:05 AM


Did you find answer to your oil consumption problem? I have 2000 honda accord 4cyl, and am in exact same situation as you described. My car is at about 96000 miles now, but the problem started about 2 years ago when I was at about 80000 miles. Dealer told me that it is a possible oil leak or oil burn, but they have not been able to pin point the problem. I have to be extremely careful with the oil level and keep checking every 2 weeks to ensure that it does not drop down too low. I do not see any oil spots where I park my car, so it seems to be an oil burn issue. I am showing it to another mechanic tomorrow, but I do not want to be going in circles with no solutions after spending lots of money. Have you found solution to this problem?



2CarPros Ken

August, 20, 2007 AT 12:07 PM

Have you checked your PCV valve, if it is stuck wide open it can consume oil through the valve, please check and get back to me.



August, 22, 2007 AT 4:31 AM

What did the mechanic say about the condition of the plugs before he did the pressure check- and did he follow it up with a cylinder leakage test-this test will test prove where its leaking its only gonna come out on 3 different places-thru the intake manifold /exhaust tail pipe/oil dipstick. This covers the intake/exhaust valves and the rings- and if its leaking thru an adjacent cylinder its blowngasket.

A problem with the crankcase ventilation system will caused that as mentioned by Ken-back in the old days when you find an airfilter saturated with oil-the system is blowing backwards. This is what the PCV valve could do when you got pressure in the crankcase, that pressure will find an exit-that blue smoke has oil vapor and can give us the winding curve ball is to where that oil is going to-w/o a leak.

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