1995 Civic CX 1.5L 8 valve 160K miles- excess oil usage

Ok stick with me for a little history. I bought the car with 150K miles. It ran great, then one day it overheated. I stopped, opened the hood to see the coolant resevoir overflowing, and odd that the cooling fan was not running? I let the car cool down, poured the coolant back into the radiator and got it home. I replaced the thermostat, temperature sensor, cooling fan switch, cooling fan fuse. I drove it, city driving, no probelms for about a month. The first highway driving it overheated again, same scenario. The coolant resevoir was overflowing.
After several calls and visits to local mechanics (the dealer would not even talk to me without $100), it was determined the head gasket was bad. I disassembled the head, sent it in for checking for cracks and straightness. The head was machined to make it straight, and no cracks were found. I replaced the head gasket, the car ran fine. After about 800 miles the car overheated again, same scenario. After talking with another mechanic I was told the head bolts were "stretch bolts" for one time use only and that is why the gasket blew again. I replaced the head gasket again, with new head bolts. (I am getting pretty good at this). Now the car runs fine but it looks like a mosiquito fogger. She blows blue smoke anytime there is a load (resistance) put on the motor. No antifreeze in the oil. I changed to a thicker oil, no change. It smokes when I first start it, not when it idles. It doesn't smoke when I am at highway speeds cruising, but it sure does when accelerating and shifting. I adjusted the valves and it did not help. Using a quart every 400 miles. Compression check says 150 across all 4 cylinders (within spec according to my manual). I like the car it gets 40-45 mpg. When it is running. I have a tough time thinking it is time to scrap it. Any advice? Valve guide seals?
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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 AT 1:22 PM

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The overheating. I think the heat of the overheating has damaged the engine. You mentioned a compression test being done. Try a leak down test.

I really think that your cooling system has a leak. It may not be letting out fluid so much as allowing air in to the system. A pressure check on the system might reveal a leak and the presence of a leak.
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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 AT 3:11 PM

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